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Refugee Services Certificate

With continuing conflicts around the globe, there are currently 45 million people who are displaced from their homes. Fifteen million of these displaced persons are designated as refugees by the United Nations because they are unable to safely return home. Some of these refugees are then permanently resettled somewhere else in the world, including right here in Boise, Idaho.

The resettlement process for refugees is fraught with challenges and difficulties. Having workers who understand the refugee journey and the challenges of resettlement can make a tremendous difference in the lives of refugees and quality of services they receive. The certificates we offer through the School of Social Work help prepare for this difficult and rewarding work.

Certificate in Foundation of Refugee Services (fall semester only)
Course Number and Title Credits
REFUGEE 407 (SOCWRK 407) Principles of Refugee Resettlement 3
REFUGEE 408 (SOCWRK 408) Working with Refugees Across Cultures 3
REFUGEE 409 (SOCWRK 409) Case Management with Refugees 3
Total 9
Certificate in Macro Practice for Refugee Services
Course Number and Title Credits
REFUGEE 410/507 (SOCWRK 410/507) Intro to Refugee Program Supervision & Mgt 3
REFUGEE 411/508 (SOCWRK 411/508) Advanced Refugee Macro Practice 3
REFUGEE 412/510 (SOCWRK 412/510) Capstone in Macro Practice 3
Total 9