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Kimberly Henderson

Education Building 427A
(208) 426-1220

Office Hours

M 8:30 – 9:00, W 8:30 – 9:30

Kimberly Henderson received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Utah in 2010. She first worked for our Department as an Adjunct Professor and eventually joined the faculty as a Lecturer in 2008.

Kimberly is currently working on completing an advanced degree specializing in online teaching through the Ed Tech department here at Boise State University. Her efforts in this degree were motivated by the desire to bring the same passion to the online course offerings that she finds in the face-to-face courses she teaches. Kimberly currently serves as Concurrent enrollment faculty liaison for the Psychology department, working with teachers in Meridian School District.

If you were to ask Kimberly what she is most passionate about in her life, beyond her family, she would include YMCA Summer Camp. As a camp counselor in her youth she often wondered what she would be able to do in her career that would allow her to keep working with the summer program. She and her family work every summer at the camp for a week to help ready the counselors and the facilities for the coming summer. She works with the counselors on various issues that she has explored through her degree and career. In addition to working with the counselors on special topics, she also consults with the YMCA on data collection on their resident camp program.

Courses Taught

General Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Biological Bases of Behavior
Adolescent and Adult Development