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Gender Studies

Multicultural and interdisciplinary in approach, the Gender Studies Program seeks to address many of the current social, economic, professional, media, individual, and public policy issues revolving around discussions of gender and sexuality. Students examine the experiences of women and men and concepts of gender and sexuality within different cultural, social, economic, and religious contexts through the study of scholarship and creative works in a variety of fields. Thus, the course work seeks to provide students with essential preparation for lives and careers deeply impacted by ongoing debates regarding gender and sexuality in our society. Students taking course work in Gender Studies have the opportunity to earn a Minor Degree in Gender Studies.

Established in 1994, the Gender Studies Program was recently honored by the National Council for Research on Women with its Emerging Center Award for 2010. This award recognizes the significant national impact of the research, advocacy and leadership engaged in by the Gender Studies Program and the faculty, students and staff engaged in the program as it has grown in recent years.

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Whether you are a current or prospective student, a faculty or staff member, or an interested visitor, we appreciate your interest in our program and invite you to explore our website, our program, and the opportunities to earn a Minor Degree in Gender Studies.GhustingSanSebBest regards,
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Director of Gender Studies
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