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Environmental Studies Internship

Environmental Studies majors are required to complete one, two-credit internship experience during their academic career. Internships can be developed by the student or can be chosen from the generally available internships posted in the Career Center.

Examples of past Environmental Studies internships include:

  • Bogus Basin Bogus Basin Mountain Discovery / Snow School Program
  • Boise State Rooftop Garden Rooftop Garden
  • Boise Watershed Green Teen / Watershed Watch Coordinator
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game Biological Aide
  • Student Conservation Association Restoration Research
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Snake River Alliance
  • JR Simplot Corporation
  • MK Nature Center
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Geographical Science
  • Boise Zoo Animal Care
  • Idaho Smart Growth Research Assistant

Once a student has found an opportunity that they would like to be considered for an internship for academic credit, they will need to go to the Career Center’s website in order to log in to the system and begin the registration process.

The Internship Application for Academic Credit link is located on the right side of the Career Center’s home page. Students will be taken to the login screen where they can log in using their BroncoWeb username and password.

Once they are in the system, the process is self-explanatory:

  • The student must accept the student agreement each time they create a new application
  • They will have the option of searching for past internships, creating an Application, updating or viewing an application and viewing the online orientation workshop
  • A student will create an application by clicking create an application and entering in the required information to submit
  • An option exists for students to “save” their application if they are missing some of the required information to complete the application.  This option will allow them to come back into the system at a later time and complete the information and submit their application
  • They can print the application
  • Once the student has completed the required information on the application, they can hit the “submit” button.   Once they “submit” the application it will automatically change the status of the internship application to “Awaiting Department Internship Coordinator Approval” – once the application is in this status the student cannot change the information
  • Once submitted to the department internship coordinator an automatic email is generated providing notification to the department internship coordinator and the student that an application for an internship has been submitted.

Viewing the Online Orientation Workshop Video and Quiz

Please Note: The online orientation workshop is required by University Policy #3060

  • The online orientation workshop is located in the student module.  The workshop covers issues in the workplace such as harassment, ethics, professional skills, and communication. Additionally it covers their rights and responsibilities as well as the organization responsibilities. The workshop is designed to inform and teach the student useful information about working in a professional environment as well as make them aware of liability issues that happen in the workplace.
  • The workshop video takes about 12 minutes to complete on-line. Once it is completed a simple quiz of 10 questions will be available for the student to take and print for record.
  • Please require your student to view the workshop and take the short quiz, this will automatically update the system with a date stamp that the student has in fact, taken the workshop.