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Basque Studies Minor

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Completing a Basque Studies Minor will give you a great understanding of how a legendary, minority culture like that of the Basques has survived among powerful nations through the centuries. Taking Basque language classes will not only allow you to communicate in Basque but also will give you a great insight into linguistic characteristics of one of the world’s oldest languages still in use. This combined knowledge about Basque culture, history, politics and language will enrich you and set you apart from your peers when applying to graduate school, study abroad or in public and private international employment. Students who have completed a Basque Minor have gone on to law school, veterinary school and graduate school to pursue Master’s degree in linguistics.

Students also have gone on to further their study of the Basque language in the Basque Country. Others have taught English in high schools in the Basque Country. One student is working toward becoming an instructor of Basque in the Diaspora, and another one holds the position of “Education Specialist” at the Boise Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

This is an international, interdisciplinary area studies minor designed to complement majors in the arts, humanities and social sciences. For more information, email: Nerea Lete

Required Courses:

BASQUE 101: Elementary Basque I (4 credits)
BASQUE 102: Elementary Basque II (4 credits)

Elective chosen from the following to total 23 units:

Language options:

BASQUE 201: Intermediate Basque I
BASQUE 202: Intermediate Basque II
BASQUE 203: Intermediate Basque Conversation
BASQUE 301: Advanced Basque
BASQUE 493: Internship: Ikastola (Boise Basque Preschool)

Basque culture options:

BASQ-STD 123: Basque Dance
BASQ-STD 120: Basque Cuisine
BASQ-STD 323: Basque Politics
BASQ-STD 335: Basque Culture
BASQ-STD 353: The Arts in the Basque Country
BASQ-STD 377: Basque History to 1700
BASQ-STD 378: Modern Basque History
BASQ-STD 379: Basque Migration to the Americas
BASQ-STD 380: Colloquium in Basque Studies
BASQ-STD 439: Foreign Study
BASQ-STD 493: Internship: Basque Museum & Cultural Center
BASQ-STD 494: Workshop in Basque Studies
SPANISH 450: Basque Literature in Spanish Translation
SPANISH 491: Basque Cinema
SPANISH 494: Workshop in Basque Studies

Please note:
BASQUE courses are taught in Basque
BASQ-STD courses are taught in English
SPANISH courses are taught in Spanish

Email contact: Nerea Lete
For more information & useful resources click on: Modern Languages at Boise State