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Northwest Evolution, Ecology, and Human Behavior Symposium


The Department of Anthropology at Boise State is excited to announce the second annual Northwest Evolution, Ecology, and Human Behavior Symposium to be held at Boise State University, March 7-9, 2014. The purpose of this symposium is to encourage communication and collaboration between scholars in the Northwest region interested in these topics.

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Conference Plenary Speakers:

  • Jack Broughton, University of Utah, “The Behavioral Ecology of Holocene Hunting in Western North America”
  • Patricia Lambert, Utah State University, “Warfare and Climate Change: Theoretical Perspectives on Warfare Causality in Ancient North America”
  • Doug Jones, University of Utah, “Kinship, Reputation, and Rules”
  • Larry Sugiyama, University of Oregon, “Life History, Market Integration, and Health among the Shar of Ecuadorian Amazonia”
  • Todd Surovell, University of Wyoming, “Human Spatial Positioning and its Archaeological Implications: A Case Study Among Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders”

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